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ความรู้ทั่วไปเกี่ยวกับ Leak test machine  VIEW : 1127    

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Fortunately, it's solution provider's job to learn about the details. How deeply your solution provider delves can determine the general success from the project. Consistently improper types of measurement can bring about unnecessarily rejected parts, and process errors can pass parts that could compromise company's end product.The first part in poka-yoking the leak test process and ensuring a strong gage R&R you can see communication between the perfect solution provider and the client so as to clearly obtain the end objective. Once customer needs are understood, the answer provider's team of engineers will analyze the part in-house and gather data on leak limit, ambient temperature, hidden interior volumes, surface finish of sealing surface, rigidity of your material, along with the dryness of the part.
The past step is bringing it all up into a product that combines error-proof testing by using a user-friendly interface which offers fast, accurate, and easily interpreted data. Accordingly, your solution provider should incorporate the highest quality components into its leak testing equipment. High definition converters record measurements only 0.1 Pa, turning it into possible to quickly and accurately detect very small leaks. The part is often tested originating from a full vacuum to 5 MPa and up, and noise elimination features prevent false rejects.
The tests could be set up for multiple part styles, or multiple tests may be exercised on one part, making the leak tester suitable for high and low volume production. If the operation of development is respected, the leak testing equipment will deliver speed and accuracy, producing decreased production time for any customer.